WaterLase MD Receives FDA Approval

It’s about time! Smile in the City is thrilled to hear the good news: according to The Medical News, The Waterlase MD laser system has recently been approved by the FDA for the prevention and treatment of periodontitis, a condition referring to various diseases that occur when the support system of tissue and bone surrounding the teeth becomes inflamed.

The Waterlase laser system allows dentists to set aside invasive dental tools, which have been shown to actually remove healthy tissue rather than improve it, and use lasers for a more accurate and gentle procedure. Because Waterlase is minimally invasive, it is able to treat the disease without affecting surrounding healthy tissue.

The Waterlase Experts

The Smile in the City team has stood behind the effective results and benefits of Waterlase long before the technology became FDA-approved. Dr. Zelig is the first Board Certified periodontist in the Manhattan area to offer laser periodontal treatment, and Smile in the City is the first and only periodontics specialty practice to provide the groundbreaking treatment in Manhattan, as well. Since 2008, Dr. Zelig has been using Waterlase procedures to improve smiles, taking master level courses to become the foremost authority on the Waterlase system.

Something to Smile About

What does this mean for our patients? Well, at Smile in the City, you’ll know you’re getting the very best in laser dentistry. New York specialists at our Manhattan office are here to make sure you receive effective treatment in a relaxing and comfortable environment. And when you leave our office, you’ll have a whole lot to smile about.

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