The Three Factors Affecting Dental Implant Cost

Dental implants are a valuable treatment solution that has helped many people. This permanent solution to tooth loss has many advantages compared to other options; people love the stability and security that come from this particular procedure. Although many people are curious about this treatment, they hesitate to pursue it due to questions about the cost of dental implants. Speaking with a prosthodontist like Dr. Schmidt and the rest of the team at Smile In the City is the first step towards learning more about this special care solution.

Three Factors Affecting Cost

There are three primary factors that affect the cost of dental implants:

• The materials used to create the crown portion of the implant
• The number of implants placed in the patient’s mouth
• Insurance coverage for the procedure

In most cases, high quality dental porcelain is used to create the crowns or visible portion of the implant. The rest of the implant is hidden; the titanium post is set securely in the patient’s jaw and the abutment where the crown and post connect is hidden inside the new tooth. This system is what makes dental implants so stable and secure.

Placing more implants will cost more. In some cases, each tooth must be replaced with its own post. Your prosthodontist can tell you more about the placement process and its associated costs.

Finally, a patient’s insurance plan will affect the cost of implants. Some dental plans cover a portion of the cost while other plans will not. You can speak with a customer service representative at your insurance carrier to learn more about the coverage available in your plan. Our office staff can also provide some additional information about insurance, including which plans we accept.

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