Tetracycline Treatment: Custom-Stained Crowns

Each patient’s needs are unique, and at Smile in the City, we respect that. Not everyone wants their teeth to be as white as possible, so when a patient came in recently to have her tooth customized to match the rest of her stained teeth, we were happy to help her out.

The patient had been affected by a drug called tetracycline, which is used to treat bacterial infections. When used during pregnancy or in young children, the drug can cause the teeth to be permanently stained. The stains are too deep for teeth whitening or bleaching to work. While many of our patients with tetracycline stained teeth choose to have all of their teeth match the same shade of white with veneers or crowns, this patient had a crown placed and simply wanted it stained to match the rest of her discolored teeth. She had gone to another dentist and was disappointed with the results. The Smile in the City team was confident that we could produce the results she was looking for and improve her smile!

With advanced 3D imaging dental technology and our new CEREC in-office crown-maker, we can capture images of teeth and gums and create crowns in less than an hour. There is no need for temporary crowns or multiple appointments. Creating a custom-stained crown was no different, and our patient finally achieved the smile she was looking for in just one visit to the office.

Always remember that your smile is your own. Even if you do not want the whitest, brightest, straightest smile, the New York City dentists at Smile in the City are here to help you achieve your unique dental goals.

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