Improve Your Overall Health With Dental Implants

For many patients, getting dental implants is first and foremost about improving their appearance and increasing their confidence. Dental implants have helped thousands of people around the world feel like a better and younger self. Dr. Nargiz Schmidt is a top prosthodontist in Manhattan, NY who offers dental implant options to patients. Here at our office, you can get a better implant experience by choosing a specialist provider, such as a prosthodontist, who has more experience and knowledge about dental implants. In fact, Dr. Schmidt’s dental implant services have not only helped brighten smiles but also have improved patients’ overall health. Here are some of the health benefits you get from dental implants.

Bone Loss

One of the biggest benefits of getting dental implants is related to bone loss. Patients who receive dental implants help reduce the potential for bone loss within the jaw. When a lost tooth is not replaced, the jaw bone at the gum line begins to recede.

Teeth Preservation

Your remaining teeth can also benefit from getting dental implants. If you replace any missing teeth with implants, your surrounding teeth will be more stable and less likely to shift around or fall out. Dental implants can give you a permanent solution to your tooth loss.

Gum Disease

Dental implant patients may also experience fewer instances of gum disease. Open areas of exposed gums from one or more missing teeth may promote bacteria growth in the gums and possibly gum disease. Implants could help restore your smile and keep your gum line healthy as well.

Self Image

There is no question that dental implants also help improve your self image. A positive self image is essential to strong mental and emotional wellness.

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