Don’t Delay Your Gum Disease Treatment: Try Laser Surgery

When gum disease advances into the more severe stages, it can cause tooth decay, missing teeth and damage to your gum tissue and bone. It is best to get treatment for your periodontal disease as soon as you notice symptoms. However, many people avoid it because of their fear that the treatment will be invasive and painful. With laser dentistry, this fear no longer has to control your decisions. It is a less invasive procedure with minimal pain and discomfort that our prosthodontist, Dr. Schmidt, often recommends to patients with periodontal disease.

How It Works

Rather than relying on scalpels and invasive tools, these procedures utilize lasers to clean and remove damaged tissue. The laser beam provides enhanced precision that makes it easy to target just the damaged areas and allows access to hard to reach places. This reduces a lot of the pain and discomfort traditionally associated with these procedures.

Types of Laser Procedures

There are several different procedures that incorporate lasers to treat periodontal disease:

  • WaterLase Deep Pocket Therapy: a laser treatment that incorporates water to get into the deep pockets to clean out the bacteria and debris.
  • Laser Gum Graft: a treatment that uses lasers to correct the receding gum line without using tissue from another area of your mouth.
  • Laser Gum Life: a treatment using lasers to lift the gums and shape the tissue to help your teeth appear longer and symmetrical.
  • Laser Gum Depigmentation: This removes any dark pigmentation you might have in your gum area for a more vibrant looking smile.

The most common treatment for gum disease uses the laser to remove damaged tissue as well as any bacteria, toxins and debris so you have a healthier mouth and less risk of infections. This also makes it easier for your gum tissue and bone to regenerate so you can maintain your teeth for longer.

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