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Even the bravest dental patient gets a little nervous by whirring drills, so imagine what it’s like to be so anxious that you’re virtually unable to set foot in the dentist office. We know that dental anxiety and phobias are real, and that they can present an enormous roadblock that keep patients from getting the dental care they need. To help patients cope, our top Manhattan cosmetic dentists have written a book that outlines behavioral therapies and other treatments like IV sedation that can put patients’ mind at ease.

Smile in the City’s very own Dr. Nargiz Schmidt and Dr. Joseph Zelig teamed up with psychologist Dr. Robert Reiner to outline techniques patients have used to conquer dental fears. The book includes patient stories that demonstrate how even the most intense fear of the dentist can be beat, and reveals helpful tips for maintaining a healthy mouth while reducing the causes of anxiety.

A Comfortable, Painless Dental Experience at Smile in the City

We know from experience how a change in atmosphere can significantly boost a patient’s confidence. We’ve seen people who are normally nervous and uncomfortable in a traditional dentist office, but they’ll gladly take a chance on us simply because of how we present ourselves.

Our new office is designed in a way that shields the patient from typical sights, sounds and even smells of dental work happening in the next room. In fact, our consultation room more closely resembles a living room, complete with sofas, calming aromas and relaxing music. Once patients have overcome that initial hurdle of walking through the front door, we can move on to sedation dentistry and painless procedures so that patients gradually associate the dentist office with a welcoming environment.

To learn more about our gentle approach to dentistry, give us a call. You can purchase our very helpful book here.

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