4 Things You Should Know About Laser Dentistry

While many people still associate the dentist with sharp cleaning tools and drills, advancements in modern dentistry now offer comfortable, painless and more accurate dental treatments. Laser dentistry, for example, uses a beam of light to perform many different dental procedures, such as removing debris and toxins to kill bacteria, shaping gum tissue, and bleaching gums. The New York dentists at Smile in the City specialize in laser dentistry, improving smiles with various laser treatments that provide healthy, effective results. Below are four things you should know about laser dentistry regarding safety, health, dental anxiety and effectiveness.

1. Laser dentistry is safe. By eliminating the need for invasive, aggressive dental tools that can cause bleeding, swelling and discomfort, laser dentistry helps speed the recovery process. The high-energy beam sterilizes the area of the mark it is treating, minimizing bacterial infections. The laser provides precision during dental procedures, so that healthier areas of the mouth are not affected during treatment. Laser dentistry improves healthy tissue rather than remove it, and WaterLase MD has recently received FDA approval.

2. Laser dentistry can improve your smile. Dentists can use lasers to improve the health and appearance of your smile. Patients with periodontal (gum) disease, such as gingivitis or periodontitis, can be treated by using the lasers to remove bacteria and diseased tissue safely and painlessly. Cosmetic procedures using laser dentistry include laser gum lifts, laser gum grafts and laser depigmentation.

3. Laser dentistry can reduce dental anxiety. Being nervous about visiting the dentist is common, but with laser dentistry, patients no longer have to fear the pain and discomfort of traditional dentistry. Laser dentistry helps put patients at ease, with painless, effective treatment that helps speed the recovery process. If you are still suffering from dental anxiety, ask your dentist about IV sedation.

4. Laser dentistry is accurate. With a steady beam of light used to treat areas of the mouth, laser dentistry offers a more accurate and precise form of treatment. When patients are more comfortable in the dentist’s chair due to reduced pain, dentists can focus more on the treatment and provide more effective, accurate results.

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