3 Unique Oral Health Issues Only Women Face

When it comes to dental health, it may seem like everyone’s the same. After all, most dentists recommend that everyone floss daily and brush morning and night. Given these standard recommendations, it’s easy to assume everyone has the same dental health needs. However, women face unique oral health issues that may require very specific treatments and care, depending on the stage of life they’re in. In honor of Women’s Health & Fitness Day on September 26th, here are three unique women’s dental health issues you should be prepared to face – and overcome – during various stages of your life.

  1. Menstruation-Related Bleeding of the Gums

Some women discover that their gums become swollen, sensitive and prone to bleeding just prior to their periods. Usually, the symptoms subside once menstrual bleeding starts. If your gums continue to bleed and swell even after menstruation, visit your dentist right away to rule out any serious oral health issues.

  1. Hormone-Related Oral Problems

If your hormones become out of balance for any reason, you could suffer from unpleasant oral symptoms. It’s especially common for women to develop inflamed gums, gingivitis and oral pain during pregnancy and menopause, when hormone levels in the body change drastically. Oral contraceptives can also cause the gums to become irritated, red and sore.

  1. TMJ-Related Oral Problems

Women are more likely to be diagnosed with temporomandibular joint (TMJ) problems than men. For this reason, it’s important for women to pay close attention to any discomfort in the jaw and receive diagnosis and treatment as needed.

Give Your Oral Health a Boost

Fortunately, most women are doing a great job dealing with their unique dental issues and maintaining good oral health. In fact, according to research, women are nearly twice as likely as men to receive regular dental checkups. If it’s time for your next checkup or if you have questions about women’s dental health in Manhattan, NY, schedule your appointment with Dr. Nargiz Schmidt by calling Smile in the City at (347) 269-2305.

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