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Our specialists at Smile in the City are among the first implant specialists in the United States to offer zirconia implants. While metallic titanium implants have long been the industry standard, the improved strength, cleanliness, and appearance of ceramic implants are the choice of the future, and Smile in the City can deliver tomorrow’s results today.


If you’re thinking of dental implants, beware. It is a very complicated surgery, and while any licensed dentist can perform implant surgery, many dentists are simply unqualified. There are serious and irreversible consequences if done incorrectly – including permanent nerve damage. But you can protect yourself by verifying your dentist’s credentials, training, specialization, and recent implant experience. Smile in the City offers a full gallery and assortment of patient testimonials, to ensure that you are comfortable with the experts who will be working with you.

Why Get Zircomium (Ceramic) Implants

Metal has always been the standard for tooth implants because of its strength, but ceramic zirconium implants are the new standard. Ceramic implants are just as strong and durable as metal implants, but they are also less prone to setting off allergies, more aesthetically pleasing, and safer in the long run.

Of the different types of ceramics available, zirconium stands out above the others for its high strength and temperature resistance. Zirconium’s durability has been tested over the years by its use in hip, finger, and wrist implants, and it has proven to be completely effective. Studies have shown that over time, the bone in the mouth will fuse with ceramic implants, creating a smooth and natural integration.

Ideal Candidates for Zirconium (Ceramic) Implants

Ceramic zirconium implants will likely be the new standard for tooth replacement in the future, and should be recommended in most cases where implants are necessary. As with any dental implant, the procedure is only appropriate for people whose jaws are fully developed, and who have otherwise healthy gums and no history of other disorders that may affect the healing process. Zirconium is especially recommended in cases where aesthetics are important, because the clean white appearance is one of zirconium’s biggest advantages.

What to Expect & How to Prepare

No unusual or uncommon preparation is necessary for the implant procedure, but you should ensure that your mouth is otherwise healthy and able to handle surgery. When you meet with Dr. Zelig for your consultation, he will discuss with you any specific concerns, provide any specific instructions necessary, and ensure that you are fully prepared on the day of your procedure.

The Process

As with other dental procedures, the patient is anesthetized during the procedure to ensure comfort. An antibiotic is also given, to protect the gum health during surgery. Because the ceramic implant is a single piece rather than multiple parts like old metal implants, it can be installed in a single process, and should not require any grafts or sutures from other parts of the gum to embed it firmly in place.

Recovery After Zirconium (Ceramic) Implants

Recovery should be a smooth process with few complications. It is advised to avoid chewing on the affected area for the first couple of months, to minimize pressure while the mouth heals. During the initial post-operation period, you will be on strict hygiene control to avoid infection, and regular professional cleanings will likely be necessary. After three to four months, the gums around the implant should be fully healed, and the implant should be fully integrated into the jaw.

Zirconium Implants vs. Traditional Implants

Ceramic zirconium implants have a number of key advantages over traditional metal implants, and are likely to be the standard choice for all dentistry in the future.

  • Ceramic implants come in one piece, unlike the old metal style, ensuring that no bad breath-causing bacterium is trapped in the joints between parts.
  • Ceramic implants will fuse naturally with the bone, ensuring a smooth and safe integration. This also ensures that you can reach the whole tooth while brushing.
  • Unlike metal implants, ceramic implants will never corrode, so they will never lose effectiveness or cause damage in the long term.
  • Ceramic implants match the color of your teeth, so you don’t have to hide metal in your smile.

Our Smile in the City Implant Specialists

We are dedicated to not only the finest in dental techniques and technology, but to fostering a positive attitude and improving your outlook on life. Our doctors each specialize and are certified in specific areas of dentistry, so you can be sure you have the most highly-trained professional at your service. Our office is equipped with the most advanced, state-of-the-art technology, to provide you with the absolute best treatment available. With the benefit of beautiful, natural looking ceramic implants, you don’t have to hide the metal in your teeth, and you can smile with confidence. Contact us for a consultation today, because it’s time to start smiling.

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