Teeth Whitening – Manhattan, NY

In-office teeth whitening is the quickest and most effective way to whiten teeth. Not all teeth whiten well and your prosthodontist can best determine whether you would be a good candidate for the treatment.

In general, teeth with a yellow tint whiten well, teeth with a brownish hue will not whiten as well, and teeth with a grey hue may not whiten at all. It is important to note that bleaching agents will not affect the color of existing crowns, caps or fillings. Whitening the natural teeth enamel can make these materials stand out, causing an inconsistency in the color of your smile.

At Smile in the City, a brighter and white smile can be achieved in just one visit. Our prosthodontist will apply a protective gel to your gums and fit you with a protective mouth guard. A whitening agent is then applied to the surfaces of the teeth and a special UV light is used to enhance results. The bleaching agents used in our office are stronger and provide faster results than those found in over-the-counter whitening gels and strips. This is because under the supervision of an expert prosthodontist, the condition of your teeth is constantly monitored.

Teeth whitening is ideal for anyone who feels their smile is dull, yellow, or overall not as attractive as they would like it to be.

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