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The advent of root canals has made it possible to retain your natural tooth while restoring your smile. Root canals are certainly nothing new, but they do represent something big in the way of modern dentistry.

Our endodontists here at Smile in the City go even further with our modern root canals, using the advanced technologies and techniques that can often complete a full root canal in a single visit. Our endodontist additionally ensures the procedure is as quick, painless and relaxing as possible.

Anatomy of a Root Canal

Smile in the City is staffed with a leading New York Endodontist, Dr. Dov Hook. Dr. Hook has extensive experience in root canal procedures and typically recommends a root canal if a tooth’s pulp becomes diseased, inflamed or otherwise infected.

A root canal aims to save the outer enamel and structure of the tooth while removing the infection.

Our prosthodontist can then restore the tooth’s shape and size by placing a customized porcelain crown over the top area of the tooth. Our beautiful metal-free crowns are designed to match the color of your surrounding teeth and contour of your mouth for a natural and comfortable fit. Although root canals have a bad “reputation” as being painful, the process is relatively simple and painless when it’s done correctly, especially in the hands of our experienced endodontist.

Relaxing and Pain-Free Experience

Local anesthesia is usually used with a root canal, but those who are extremely nervous or suffer from anxiety have additional options. Smile in the City offers the latest in anaesthetics, including certified IV sedation, which can help decrease anxiety, nervousness and stress. Our endodontists strive to ensure your root canal procedure is a relaxing and painless experience, and we consistently work with our patients to develop treatment programs that make sure that is the case.

Regardless of how the pulp became infected, Smile in the City, located in NYC has the technology and experienced staff to correct it rapidly and effectively. Please give us a call or visit our modern, relaxing Midtown Manhattan office for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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