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If every thought you have about a dental examination generates anxiety, the problem can be easily solved: avoid going to the dentist altogether. Because thinking about a dental visit can cause anxiety, dismissing these thoughts serves as reinforcement, thereby setting the stage for the phobia or the hesitation to gather steam. Throughout this process, avoiding the dentist altogether, becomes the status quo because the relief that is linked to the avoidance serves as a primary reinforcement.

Visiting a regular dentist, rather than one specializing in sedation dentistry that uses methods to ensure a pain free visit, will probably justify all of the protective behaviors that support the phobia. At Smile in the City, we are focused on making the patient feel at ease and physically comfortable during the procedure, automatically resulting in the dental experience being linked with “good” feelings. With dental phobias, it is important for people to find a way to manage their fears. Without a way to successfully treat that anxiety, it is very likely that a dental patient will delay treatment and exacerbate their oral problems.

Ideal dental treatment for phobic patients consists of both IV sedation and a specialist approach to treating complex dental problems. Dental specialists such as prosthodontists, periodontists and endodontists are uniquely trained to treat complex dental problems properly and efficiently. All of our dental specialists at Smile in the City work with each patient on an individual basis and discuss the best way to approach the procedure to ensure a pain free experience and memory.

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