1-Visit Crowns, NYC

One-Visit Crowns

Dental crowns may have a less-than-royal reputation as a time-consuming, messy and expensive process. But they can actually be one of the most beneficial treatments you can choose for maintaining a healthy and dazzling smile. At Smile in the City, we serve the NYC area to offer one-visit crowns, allowing our patients to enjoy final, porcelain crowns after just a single visit. Our one-visit crown option is possible thanks to our streamlined process, advanced technology and the experienced hands of our certified prosthodontist and cosmetic dental specialist.

High-End Technology for Dental Crowns in New York

While the traditional process of creating dental crowns involves messy impressions, temporary crowns and return visits, Smile in the City uses high-end technology to eliminate the mess and wait. We specifically use what is known as Cerec, our in-office digital imaging tool that captures a precise image of the teeth and gums.

Our Cerec digital technology is especially helpful for patients who want a quick and easy dental experience, and it’s also one of the main tools behind our rapid dental crown process. The digital image produced by our Cerec device provides the reference Dr. Schmidt needs to create your full porcelain, metal-free crown in less than one hour. Your new crown will be custom fit to the contour, shape, size and bite of your mouth, designed to blend in naturally with your surrounding teeth.

Not only do you no longer have to suffer through the uncomfortable process of creating impressions, but the process is much more accurate. There is far less room for the inaccuracies that can arise when a dental crown is developed by an off-site lab. You can even preview your tooth on our high-tech modeling system!

Dental Crowns Benefits

Two of the major benefits of dental crowns are their extreme versatility and attractive, natural appearance. Made out of durable, tooth-colored porcelain, our dental crowns are specifically designed to match the shape, color and size of your surrounding teeth. Porcelain is one of the longest-lasting dental materials, and our crowns contain no potentially harmful and unsightly metal components.

The versatility of dental crowns comes from the wide range of issues they can help correct. One of the most common uses is to cover dental implants as a tooth replacement. We can also use them to strengthen teeth that are too badly damaged or to hold a filling on their own, a method that allows you to retain as much of your healthy tooth as possible.

Crowns can also serve to restore broken or damaged teeth as well as protection for teeth that are weakened or in danger of breaking. Damaged, discolored or poorly shaped teeth can be covered with crowns, and dental crowns can also serve as solid anchors for dental bridges that may otherwise have no fortified attachment points.

Dental crowns are just one of the many procedures we offer here in NYC at Smile in the City to help you achieve and maintain a healthy smile. Additional options from our experienced cosmetic dentist range from tooth whitening to full mouth reconstruction. Please feel free to call or stop by our modern, relaxing midtown Manhattan office at your convenience for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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