What Causes Bone Loss?

Most of us associate bone loss with osteoporosis. Although that is one reason we lose bone, there are others. When we discuss dental bone loss, it is most frequently caused by periodontal disease, an oral infection where the bacteria destroy the bone tissue. Another common source of bone loss is missing teeth. When a tooth is extracted, the root no longer stimulates the bone and the tissue deteriorates.

Consequences of bone loss vary, depending upon where the bone loss occurs. Bone loss in the upper back arch, for example, will cause the sinus cavity to sag, whereas bone loss in the lower arch can cause your chin and mouth to collapse inward. It can significantly alter your facial structure, leading to changed appearance and loss of self-esteem. When you have suffered bone loss, Dr. Nargiz Schmidt can perform bone grafts to increase bone volume. While grafts are a solution for bone loss, only one treatment can prevent bone loss and that is tooth restoration with dental implants.