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Veneers vs. Crowns - Manhattan, NY

Smile Brilliantly With Veneers and Dental Crowns

Do You Need a Crown or a Veneer?

Veneers can give you a Hollywood-worthy smile makeover in just a few visits. They are a beautiful yet natural way to transform stained, chipped, and poorly shaped teeth. Their effect, however, is entirely cosmetic. When you need restorative dentistry in addition to aesthetic goals, dental crowns are recommended. Crowns completely cover a tooth structure that may be fractured or badly decayed, allowing you to bite down properly and comfortably. As part of a smile makeover, Dr. Nargiz Schmidt may suggest either of these treatments, depending upon the condition of your teeth.

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Immediate Transformations With Veneers

Traditionally, veneers require a certain amount of enamel to be removed in order to preserve your ability to bite properly. However, Dr. Schmidt has developed a technique for the most minimally invasive veneers in order to protect your tooth enamel. Dr. Schmidt respects enamel and believes anyone can have their dream smile without sacrificing precious tooth structure.

With this procedure, the veneer material is chosen based on your individual needs and occlusion for the most conservative approach. Dr. Schmidt will perform a full smile analysis first and discuss your goals. She will then create minimally invasive veneers and craft your new smile. The minimal recontouring can be done without anesthesia, and your tooth enamel will not be compromised. We have an in-office lab technician, trained by Dr. Schmidt.

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