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Correcting gapped, crooked, crowded, or uneven teeth has never been easier with the introduction of discreet clear aligners for orthodontic treatment. For patients who have mild to severely misaligned teeth, OrthoSnap™ can be an effective and affordable solution. If you are looking to improve the appearance of your smile, but are not interested in spending years with traditional orthodontics involving metal brackets and wires, we provide OrthoSnap clear braces as an effective and comfortable way to straighten your teeth.

Issues OrthoSnap™ Can Correct

  • Misalignment
  • Crowding
  • Spacing
  • Over- or underbite
  • Crossbite

How Does OrthoSnap™ Work?

OrthoSnap™ is an orthodontic process involving anywhere from five to 45 clear aligners. The aligners are made of a clear, highly durable material that does not damage tooth enamel or gum tissue and is virtually invisible to others. OrthoSnap™ aligners are designed based on a Dynamic Physical Model (DPM), a highly accurate impression we take of your teeth used to create a physical cast model that will determine the shape of all subsequent aligners. Each tooth is given independent attention to help facilitate a more even and effective movement during treatment. Throughout your treatment, we will periodically check your progress using the Verification Key™ to ensure your teeth are straightening correctly and accurately.


What Are the Benefits of OrthoSnap™?

Straightening your teeth with OrthoSnap™ is comfortable, accurate, and highly discreet, thanks to the unique manufacturing process for creating aligners and patented pin system. Aligners are also fabricated to follow the curves of your natural gum line, instead of snap over them, for a more secure and comfortable fit. Though aligners are worn for at least 16 hours each day, they are removable, allowing the wearer to keep teeth and gums brushed, flossed, and healthy during treatment. Additionally, many times, even severe misalignment or crowding can be corrected without the need for tooth extractions or “shaving” of the tooth enamel. OrthoSnap™ is an ideal solution if you have severely misaligned teeth as it focuses on straightening the tooth as a whole, which allows for more predictable, quicker treatments.

Trust Your Teeth to a Cosmetic Dentist

Dr. Schmidt believes that a beautiful, straight smile can have a life-changing effect on her patients. A prosthodontist with extensive training in cosmetic dentistry, she is concerned with how teeth appear aesthetically in addition to helping improve oral health. Dr. Schmidt is experienced in helping her patients attain beautiful smiles with the assistance of minimally invasive orthodontic treatment like OrthoSnap. We offer financing options and payment installments to help those interested in OrthoSnap achieve the smile of their dreams.


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