Laser Gum Surgery is a Gentler Alternative to Osseous Surgery

Laser Gum Surgery vs. Osseous Surgery - Manhattan, NY

Laser Gum Surgery is a Gentler Alternative to Osseous Surgery

Effective Gum Disease Treatment With Less Pain and Downtime

When you learn that you have gum disease, you may have visions of painful gum surgery and stitches but advanced technology has changed all of that. Dr. Nargiz Schmidt performs gum surgery with the BIOLASE laser and has offered “no-scalpel” treatments since 2005. Dr. Max Podolsky, our Board Certified Periodontist, is also skilled in cutting-edge techniques to provide you with comfortable, complete periodontal care.

Minimally invasive laser treatment is provided as an alternative to osseous surgery to ensure your improved comfort and results. Periodontal disease is incredibly damaging to your smile when it is left to progress. It is critical to schedule treatment as soon as possible, and laser gum surgery is much more convenient than traditional surgery.

How Is Laser Gum Surgery Different?

Laser gum surgery is performed without a scalpel, and therefore, it does not require stitches. Unlike osseous surgery, which is the traditional treatment, laser surgery:

  • Minimizes discomfort, bleeding and swelling
  • Provides faster recovery
  • Leaves healthy tissue intact
  • Reduces the need for anaesthetics

With traditional surgery, the doctor must cut into the gum tissue to access the treatment site, which can result in future gum recession. But the laser’s fine tip simply slips between your teeth and gums. The light emitted destroys bacteria and infected tissue, leaving your gums are immediately healthier after the procedure. If you suffer from dental anxiety, Dr. Schmidt offers sedation dentistry options such as oral sedation, nitrous oxide, and IV sedation. Most patients do not need sedation, however, because the laser is minimally invasive.

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