Laser Dentistry: Fighting Gum Disease with Lasers

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In modern cities, you can find lasers almost everywhere, though not used in as flashy of applications as many a child and futurist have dreamt. One of the most practical uses of laser in dentistry, where they can offer a minimally invasive alternative to scalpels and other metal tools. Take a look at how a dentist in Manhattan, NY fight gum disease with dental lasers and discover all the benefits of combatting gum disease with laser light as opposed to conventional approaches.

Almost Pain-Free

This scalpel-free alternative to traditional gum surgery is pretty much pain-free. You won’t need any amount of anesthesia to get through laser gum surgery. But even though they can go into such a procedure knowing they’ll experience minimal pain, some people still can’t quite get over their dental anxieties. If this is the case for you, ask your dentist ahead of time about the conscious sedation options available to keep you calm without putting out to sleep for hours.

Shorter Procedure

Because your dentist won’t have to gut into your gums with a scalpel or to stitch them up after your procedure, laser gum surgery is a shorter procedure than conventional gum surgery. The highly tuned, laser light your dentist will use will be highly accurate and efficient, which will also speed the time of the procedure.

Quicker Recovery

More than just a short, nearly pain-free procedure, laser gum surgery typically has a recovery time of roughly 24 hours. That’s just a fraction of the time needed to recover from conventional gum surgery, which can take weeks or even in excess of a month. On top of a longer healing time, you’ll also need a follow-up appointment to have your stitches removed when your gums have fully healed.

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Choose a time and a date to talk with a local dentist about your options for fighting gum disease in Manhattan, NY, including both laser and non-laser options. Be sure to ask any dental health questions you may have during your consultation.

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