Dental Implants Are an Ideal Solution for Missing Teeth

You might be surprised to learn how normal it is for a person to lose one or more teeth; in fact, there’s a good chance you know someone with a tooth that’s missing or broken. There have always been a few tried-and-true treatment options to correct this problem and restore a person’s set of teeth function and appearance, but these treatments have never perfectly suited anyone who needs a replaced dent.  

There’s an innovative new way of tackling this problem today. Dental implants in New York, NY offer patients an excellent new way to restore their smile appearance and bite function. 

Our dentist Dr. Schmidt works closely with patients here at the *Practice Name* to determine the best approach to tackling the missing teeth problem. Dental implants might be the right choice for you; calling us today and scheduling an appointment is the best way to find out. 

A Superior Option for Patients Just Like You

There are many reasons why dental implants have become one of the top ways to replace teeth that have been lost to illness, injury, or accident. For instance:

  • Dental implants are a permanent solution – they are anchored to the jaw with a sturdy titanium post
  • Dental implants offer great stability and security – the firm connection between the crown and its anchor lets patients bite, chew, smile, and speak with complete confidence
  • Patients love the appearance of dental implants – the high quality dental porcelain used to construct implant crowns closely resembles the color of natural teeth; each crown is colored to more perfectly match the patient’s teeth
  • ·Individual teeth can be easily replaced – a single missing tooth or missing teeth that are not in a consecutive series can be replaced with implants instead of traditional bridgework

Discover the Advantages for Yourself

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