Five Reasons to At Least Talk to A Dentist Before Teeth Whitening

It’s highly likely that you can pick up a teeth whitening kit from a store and start whitening your teeth long before your dentist is able to see you. The convenience is compelling. Yet, the reasons for talking to your dentist first before for starting teeth whitening are even more compelling. Take a look at these five reasons why it’s best you at least talk to your dentist before embarking on a teeth whitening plan.

Gum Disease and Cavities

They’re two of the biggest reasons to talk to a dentist before teeth whitening. If you have untreated gum disease or cavities, teeth whitening solutions can worsen them. You should consult with your dentist to develop a roadmap to get past your gum disease or cavities to begin teeth whitening the right way.

Crowns, Bridges, Implants and Fillings

If you’ve had your teeth restored with crowns, bridges, fillings or similar treatments, teeth whitening can make such restorations stand out even more. That’s because dental restorations don’t whiten. So you may get a beautiful white from all of your natural teeth, but your dental crown may then look slightly off-color and may stand out among the sea of white teeth.


You’ll get more powerful, more effective teeth whitening at a dentist’s office. Your dentist will offer you stronger bleaching solutions to whiten your teeth, plus you get expert guidance when having your teeth whitened in-office.


Your dentist can help you set realistic goals for teeth whitening and can recommend other, more effective, ways to get a brighter smile. There’s less chance for disappointment when you know almost exactly what to expect from your treatment.

Increased Sensitivity

If you have sensitive teeth, your dentist can examine them and help you determine if whiter teeth are worth the level of discomfort you may feel after having whitening treatment.

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