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A Smile Makeover Can Change Your Confidence and Your Quality of Life

Transform Your Smile and Transform Your Life

A healthy, attractive smile is typically taken for granted until you need dental work. Toothaches and chewing problems can become the focus of your day, leaving you unable to concentrate or get the proper nutrition you need. When you have missing, stained, or broken teeth, embarrassment over the appearance of your smile causes more than physical discomfort.

It can change the way you interact with others, as well as the way you feel about yourself. One of the main reasons Dr. Nargiz Schmidt is passionate about smile makeovers is the fact that she is able to positively impact your entire life with restored the restored function and beauty of your smile.

A Change for the Better Begins With a Single Visit

A smile makeover is designed to address functional and aesthetic concerns. Dr. Schmidt can perform a full mouth reconstruction, addressing teeth, gums, bone, and bite, everything that makes up your oral health. Smile makeovers are different for every patient and can be comprised of one or multiple treatments, and take anywhere from weeks to years to reach your end goal.

When planning a smile makeover, the initial consultation is very important to understand your desires and needs. Our treatment plans are created according to your goals, but more importantly your budget too. At Smile in the City we offer several financing options to help you reach your dream smile.

In addition to the services listed, Dr. Schmidt also offers Botox® for TMJ or jaw pain relief. Botox is used as an alternative treatment for certain TMJ disorders and works to relieve soreness and discomfort caused by an overworked or displaced joint. When someone suffers from TMJ pain, their jaw is usually unconsciously tightening, grinding and overworked, making the muscles very sore. Botox works by making the jaw joint unable to make the tight clenching motions that frequently cause pain. Relief of pain can usually be felt within the first day of Botox injections, but several treatments are typically necessary to experience lasting effects

A Change for the Better Begins With a Single Visit

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