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The Art of Cosmetic Dentistry

A smile that is unique to you and complements your facial features is the ultimate goal. You want to look like you, only better. When a dress has been tailored specifically for you, taking into consideration all of your curves, then it accentuates them and makes you look and feel better. It is the same thing with cosmetic dentistry. The right doctor will listen to your concerns and goals, provide you with numerous options, and help you achieve your ideal smile. Having completed over 9,000 units of cosmetic restorations, Dr. Nargiz Schmidt is committed to helping you achieve your dream smile.

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Services to Transform Your Appearance Cosmetic dentistry can change the way you look and feel

Dr. Schmidt is passionate about our services because she knows that a brighter, straighter smile can make you more confident. No matter what condition your smile is in, we can help. Dr. Schmidt has specialized training and uses advanced technology to design your look, using our own in-house lab and lab technician, trained by Dr. Schmidt. She is also an international lecturer on minimally-invasive cosmetic techniques, bringing you experienced care.

We offer numerous cosmetic treatments to transform the look of your smile:

A Brilliant Smile With Composite Filling and Teeth Whitening

Do you still have metal amalgam fillings? Tooth-colored, composite fillings can restore and strengthen your teeth. Mercury-free composite material is tinted to match the surrounding tooth and applied in layers, bolstering your tooth for improved oral health.
This treatment is often combined with teeth whitening, which should always be performed by a professional. Although drugstore kits can lighten your teeth, they can also damage your enamel and gum tissue.

When compared with professional whitening, drugstore kits fall short in the following ways:

  • The one size mouth guards in over-the-counter products are uncomfortable and inefficient.
  • Dentist teeth whitening agents are much more powerful and can give you better results more quickly.
  • Drugstore bleaching can be uneven, producing white spots on your teeth and harming your enamel.
  • Our doctor can help you select your desired shade and you can achieve it, without any surprises.

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