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Treatments & Causes of Bone Loss - Manhattan, NY

Bone Loss Can Rob You of Your Beautiful, Healthy Smile

What Causes Bone Loss?

Most of us associate bone loss with osteoporosis. Although that is one reason we lose bone, there are others. When we discuss dental bone loss, it is most frequently caused by periodontal disease, an oral infection where the bacteria destroy the bone tissue. Another common source of bone loss is missing teeth. When a tooth is extracted, the root no longer stimulates the bone and the tissue deteriorates.

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Bone Augmentation Methods to Improve Your Health

Dr. Schmidt often places bone grafts to increase volume before a dental implant is placed. Implants integrate with bone so healthy bone volume is vital for implant success. Once the implant is placed, it stimulates the jaw and prevents future loss.

When your bone loss has affected the sinus cavity, this type of bone grafting is sometimes performed in conjunction with a sinus lift, to support the new position of the sinus membrane for restored oral health. Ridge augmentation is another type of graft that is performed to restore the periodontal ridge, which can deteriorate rapidly for denture wearers. For any of these procedures, sedation dentistry is available to relieve anxiety and deliver a relaxed, comfortable visit.

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